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Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Management

Intro to EPCM

Why Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management?

Experience matters whether you have a multi-billion dollar project or an urgent weekend pump upgrade. All of our services start with you. We work closely with you to understand your needs and your concerns. By offering EPCM services we are able to simplify the whole process for you. Our teams work closely together allowing us to perform progressive project planning. Our designers work directly with procurement and construction, while our construction teams are an integral part of the entire planning process.

Right Size Project Management

Everyone knows that a thorough project plan and a detailed schedule does not guarantee a successful project. We use techniques perfected in other industries such as agile project management, just-in-time delivery, and strategic partnerships to deliver a final product that meets your expectations.




Building Tomorrow

One Bolt At A Time

Regardless the complexity of your project, we know it matters to you that it get done right. We know that a successful project isn’t pulled off the shelf. We pay attention to the bolts so you don’t have too.

Project Roadmap

A Straightforward Approach

Energy projects are complicated. That’s why we have invested in our people and tools to make sure we have the resources that allow you to be successful.

& Planning

We start our projects with lots of questions. We communicate early and often to ensure we can meet your needs.

& design

In this collaborative stage we create a complete digital twin of your project, allowing for an easy review of costs, constructability, and operability.

& Commissioning

We spend time on planning and design to ensure a safe completion. We know things don’t always go according to plan, and that’s why our construction managers are experts at change management.


The project may be done, but we know that’s when your work really gets started. We take pride in our work and we’ll stand by it. We offer support to you for the life of the asset.

Types of Projects

Our Areas of Expertise

We take what we learn in one industry and apply it to the next. This ability to adapt allows us to perform a wide range of engineering projects.

Oil and gas pumps

Oil & Gas

From well bore to sales point we have in house designs and specifications for the entire upstream production flow. Whether you need a complete facility, a custom skid, or operations support we know Oil and Gas including water recycling and disposal.

Solar panel installation


We can manage the full scope of your solar array project, from full array installs to panel replacements. Remote installations are our specialty.

Wind Turbines over farm fields

Wind Turbines

With experience in industrial wind turbine construction we can support your wind energy projects.

Geothermal Power Plant


We can get your geo-thermal project up and running. We have the technical abilities in house for well bore planning and permitting.

Design and Fabrication

Design & Fabrication

We standardize where we can, but sometimes you need that custom solution. For that fully engineered solution and fabrication we have the capabilities to deliver what you need.

High-tech machining

High Spec Machining

Accuracy is critical. Whether you need drilling equipment designed, prototyped, and built, or a pump overhaul. When the OEM parts aren’t available we can get you up and running in a pinch.

Case Studies

Dual Train SWD

Oil and gas production fields depend on reliable water disposal capabilities. We worked closely with our client to develop a full field strategy complete with multiple production facilities, gathering lines, and dedicated SWDs.

Our SWD design incorporates many of our proprietary designs including our internal fluid handling systems and online tank cleaning. Our unmanned SWDs are designed specifically to keep the wellbore clean and the well online. Our patent-pending four tank system  uses internal components to improve the separation efficiency of the system, remove all solids and oil before entering a backwash filtration system. Using our standard SWD design saves you money upfront, and our technology saves you money for the life of the well.

Before photo after photo

Thermo Imaging

Our tanks aren’t just used for liquid storage, our proprietary design removes solids and oils from your waste water protecting your wellbore and allowing exceptional uptime. Using thermography we monitor the tanks for solids buildup. Because of our design tank cleanout is a simple and safe operation. Using technology like thermography means reduced maintenance costs for you.

Thermo Tanks Before

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